• MADE IN THE USA - Polyester 50%/Cotton 30%/Lycra 20%.
  • DESIGNED WITH STYLE IN MIND - Comfortable and flexible, perfect for everyday use and can be adjusted to accommodate your body as it changes. The MS-96i is cotton lined and approved for use under clothing, while the MS-96 is elastic lined for use over clothing..
  • PREGNANCY WITH FEWER STRETCH MARKS - In addition to helping support proper posture, the belt is designed to reduce the risk of stretch marks..
  • CREATED FOR ACTIVE MOMS - A great exercising belt for moms that provides extra support during their workout as well as more stability and balance..
  • COMFORTABLE PREGNANCY - Features a back pocket for cold and hot therapy relief and a warming design that increases blood flow to the lower back, loosens muscles and reduces pain..
  • Imported from USA.
Color:Black Size:Medium 34-40" The GABRIALLA MS-96i MATERNITY SUPPORT BELT provides the comfort and support you need to keep you healthy, comfortable and active throughout your pregnancy. The belt comes in a variety of colors and sizes and never uses tummy straps that can add unnecessary strain to your growing bump. GABRIALLA support belts add compression to help stabilize the hips, where ligaments are loose due to pelvic expansion and relaxation. The added compression provides excellent abdominal and lower back support, reducing pressure and pain residing in the lower back as well as creating warmth to encourage flexible muscles and therapeutic healing.

GABRIALLA MS-96i Breathable Cotton Lined Maternity Belt | Back Support |Belly Band for Running & Exercising | Abdominal Pain | Lower Back Pain| Postpartum Recovery: Black Medium

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