• Aquarium refiltration system that offers superior contact time with filter media and energy efficient pump lowers operating costs.
  • Quick and easy installation, we recommend that you clean aquarium filter every two weeks for maximum operation and efficiency.
  • Provides optimal mechanical, chemical, and biological filtrations.
  • Comes equipped with AquaClear Foam, Activated Carbon Filter and BioMax and Cycle Guard for superior water quality.
  • Filtration volume is up to 7 times larger than comparable fish tank filters.
  • Lifetime warranty; ideal for aquariums up to 30 gallons.
  • Imported from USA.
Size:10 to 30 Gallons - 30 Style:Fish Tank Filter The Aqua Clear Power Filter represents one of the most versatile hang-on filter systems available. The five models available provide a complete selection of flow rates for the most popular sizes of aquariums. The filter’s unique design allows for up to six times more media volume and the longest water to media contact time in the industry. The Aqua Clear 30 Power Filter features a unique multi-stage filtration system that provides complete mechanical, chemical as well as biological filter media for superior water quality. The Power Filter has a filtration volume that is up to 7 times larger than comparable filters. It also allows superior contact time with Aqua Clear filter media. The filter preserves beneficial bacterial creating a stress-free environment for fish aquarium inhabitants (freshwater fish and live aquarium plants) and maintaining clear aquarium water. Its unique waterfall design enables filtered water to return to the tank silently, gently breaking the surface tension and creating beneficial oxygenation. The Power Filter’s patented flow control feature allows you to adjust the water flow according to your aquarium needs. The media basket prevents water from by-passing the filter media, maximizing filtration efficiency. Installation and maintenance are quick, easy, and convenient. The filter comes equipped with Aqua Clear Foam, Activated Carbon Filter and Aqua Clear BioMax. Aqua Clear offers an extensive line of media, including Zeo-Carb and Ammonia Remover, exclusively designed for the Aqua Clear 30 Power Filter. Aqua Clear creates a wide variety of products for freshwater tanks that can be used as fish tank accessories, fish tank decorations, and aquarium filter media that is perfect for large and small fish tanks. The Aqua Clear 30 Power Filter is ideal for 10 gallon fish tank to 30 U.S gallons (38 to 114 L) fresh water tanks. Maximum Output: 150 U.S. Gal./h (568 L/h) .com ---- AquaClear Power Filter ---------------------- The AquaClear Power Filter represents one of the most versatile hang-on filter systems available. The five models available provide a complete selection of flow rates for the most popular sizes of aquariums. The filter’s unique design allows for up to six times more media volume and the longest water to media contact time in the industry. AquaClear FiltersSuperior Contact with AquaClear Filter Patented Re-filtration System ----------------------------- Sometimes delicate fish and plants require a more gentle water flow. The patented AquaClear re-filtration system allows you to control the flow rate without compromising filtration efficiency. When the flow rate is reduced, up to 50% of the water within the filter chamber is processed multiple times. CycleGuard Multi-Stage Filtration System ---------------------------------------- Provides optimal mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration. A healthy aquarium requires "beneficial" bacteria. Invisible and harmless, beneficial bacteria are essential in the removal of toxic ammonia and nitrite. With cartridge filtration systems, when you throw away the cartridge, you throw away beneficial bacteria. It can take weeks for the bacteria to re-colonize, resulting in a stressful environment. Typical Filter Media Placement: ------------------------------- Bottom ------ AquaClear Foam Insert, which does the following: 1. Helps with debris removal and provides optimal water distribution patterns, allowing subsequent filter media to perform at full efficiency. 2. Biological filtration, due to the porous structure of foam, providing surfaces for beneficial bacteria. Middle ------ AquaClear Activated Carbon Filter Inserts contain 100% premium research grade carbon. Premium research grade carbon provides large amounts of surface area for adsorption of undesirable impurities. Top --- AquaClear BioMax Filter Inserts contain BioMax ceramic rings. The surface of BioMax is made up of a complex pore system that allows bacteria to thrive. MULTI-STAGE FiltrationAquaClear Power Filters Power Filter Maintenance ------------------------ * For maximum filter operation and efficiency, regular cleaning of the filter and its parts is recommended every two weeks. * Always unplug the Aquaclear Power Filter prior to cleaning. * First you want to remove the cover, filter basket, and discard water remaining in the filter case. Thoroughly rinse collected debris from the case, impeller cover and impeller assembly using clear lukewarm water. * Then intake "U" tube and extension tube can be cleaned with a filter stem brush to remove any build-up of deposits. * When all parts have been cleaned and thoroughly rinsed, reassemble filter and replace any scheduled media. Install the filter once again back on the aquarium making sure that the filter is tipped slightly forward. * Then fill the AquaClear filter box with aquarium water. Finally plug the filter into an electrical outlet and the AquaClear will self-prime and begin running in a few seconds. Media Replacement ----------------- AquaClear Foam Filter Insert: Replace Foam Filter Insert every two months. AquaClear Activated Carbon Filter Insert: Replace Activated Carbon Insert every month. AquaClear BioMax Filter Insert: Replace BioMax Insert every three months. Warranty -------- The AquaClear Power Filters are guaranteed against defects in material or workmanship under normal aquarium usages and service for as long as you own the filter. We offer a Lifetime Guarantee on all non-replaceable parts which means that the filter will be repaired or replaced at the manufactures discretion, free of charge, when the complete pump is returned with proof of purchase and postage paid. Please include $5.00 to cover shipping and handling. This warranty does not apply to any filter that has been subjected to misuse, negligence or tampering. No liability is assumed with respect to loss or damage to livestock or personal property irrespective of the cause thereof. Model ( /dp/B0002DHMYM )AquaClear Powerhead 10 ( /dp/B0002DHMYM ) ( /dp/B000260FVG )AquaClear 20 Power Filter ( /dp/B000260FVG ) ( /dp/B00020SVDG )AquaClear 30 Power Filter ( /dp/B00020SVDG ) ( /dp/B000260FUM )AquaClear 50 Power Filter ( /dp/B000260FUM ) ( /dp/B000260FUW )AquaClear 70 Power Filter ( /dp/B000260FUW ) ( /dp/B000260FV6 )AquaClear 110 Power Filter ( /dp/B000260FV6 ) Aquarium Capacity up to 10 US Gallons 5 to 20 US gallons 10 to 30 US gallons 20 to 50 US gallons 40 to 70 US gallons 60 to 110 US gallons Dimensions 4.5 x 2 x 4 inches 4.5 x 7 x 6.5 inches 18 4.5 x 8.2 x 6.7 inches 4 x 9 x 8 inches 6.2 x 10.7 x 8.6 inches 7.1 x 13.9 x 9.1 inches Pump Output 80 US Gal/h 100 US Gal/h 150 US Gal/h 200 US Gal/h 300 US Gal/h 500 US Gal/h AquaClear Media --------------- AquaClear Ammonia Remover ( /dp/B0002563YK )AquaClear Ammonia Remover ( /dp/B0002563YK ) AquaClear Ammonia Remover ------------------------- AquaClear Ammonia Remover is ideal for new or heavily populated freshwater aquariums. It removes and controls harmful ammonia and nitrite. AquaClear Ammonia Remover reduces stress on fish, provides numerous bacterial attachment points, and is long lasting and reusable. It is exclusively designed for use in the AquaClear Power Filter. Aquaclear Biomax ( /dp/B000A7BCG4 )Aquaclear Biomax ( /dp/B000A7BCG4 ) Aquaclear Biomax ---------------- The AquaClear BioMax Filter Insert provides an optimal environment for beneficial bacteria growth. It works to reduce ammonia and nitrite levels in your tank, and it increases biological filtration efficiency by 30 percent.The AquaClear BioMax Filter Insert is made exclusively for the AquaClear 50 Power Filter. ( /dp/B0002563UY ) ( /dp/B0002563UY )AquaClear Activated Carbon ( /dp/B0002563UY ) AquaClear Activated Carbon -------------------------- AquaClear Activated Carbon Filter Insert improves water clarity for freshwater and marine aquariums. AquaClear Activated Carbon Filter Insert provides superior adsorption qualities which eliminate odors, discoloration and impurities. The Carbon Filter supports beneficial bacterial colonies and works to remove chlorine, smoke and aerosol spray contaminants. AquaClear Foam ( /dp/B00068JTDK )AquaClear Foam ( /dp/B00068JTDK ) AquaClear Foam -------------- AquaClear Foam Filter Insert provides mechanical filtration in freshwater or marine environments by trapping particles and debris. The porous construction provides numerous bacterial attachments, and in addition the AquaClear Foam Filter Insert offers powerful biological filtration. ( /dp/B0002DHQR0 ) Nylon Bag ( /dp/B0002DHQR0 )Hagen AquaClear Nylon Bag, 2-Pack ( /dp/B0002DHQR0 ) Hagen AquaClear Nylon Bag, 2-Pack --------------------------------- The AquaClear Filter Media Bag makes media maintenance extremely simple. The fine mesh holds small grained filter media and the bags may be used in both fresh and salt-water aquariums. Zeo-Carb ( /dp/B000N1668G )AquaClear Zeo-Carb ( /dp/B000N1668G ) AquaClear Zeo-Carb ------------------ AquaClear Zeo-Carb is a premium blend of research grade Fluval Carbon and Fluval Ammonia Remover. Working together, these highly effective media eliminate liquefied impurities. ( /dp/B000HHQCEY ) Fine ( /dp/B000HHQCEY )AquaClear Vibrator Pump ( /dp/B000HHQCEY ) AquaClear Vibrator Pump ----------------------- The AquaClear Vibrator Pumps are a full range of technically advanced air pumps that provide reliable power for all aquarium air requirements. These "virtually silent" running air pumps will provide many years of trouble-free operation. The AquaClear Vibrator Air Pumps are a reliable source of air for air-operated items such as air stones, air-actuated ornaments, air driven protein skimmers or for adding movement or oxygen to any aquarium. Nutrafin nutrition and water treatments --------------------------------------- Nutrafin Cycle Biological Filter Supplement ( /dp/B0026C8YMQ )Nutrafin Cycle Biological Filter Supplement ( /dp/B0026C8YMQ ) Nutrafin Cycle Biological Filter Supplement ------------------------------------------- Nutrafin Cycle Biological Aquarium Supplement features a high-concentration formula that immediately establishes a safe biological aquarium environment. Cycle goes to work fast, releasing massive amounts of beneficial bacteria that eliminate toxic ammonia and nitrites and creates a biologically well-balanced aquarium for healthy fish to thrive. Nutrafin Aqua Plus Water Conditioner ( /dp/B0026C8YO4 )Nutrafin Aqua Plus Water Conditioner ( /dp/B0026C8YO4 ) Nutrafin Aqua Plus Water Conditioner ------------------------------------ Nutrafin Aqua Plus Tap Water Conditioner makes tap water safe for fish. It protects scales and fins, neutralizes chlorine, chloramines, and undesirable metals. Nutrafin Aqua Plus Tap Water Conditioner features a patented stress-relief function with the inclusion of pure herbal extracts. ( /dp/B003DHU13I ) ( /dp/B003DHU13I )Nutrafin Waste Control Bio Aqua Cleaner ( /dp/B003DHU13I ) Nutrafin Waste Control Bio Aqua Cleaner --------------------------------------- Nutrafin Waste Control Biological Aquarium Cleaner helps reduce aquarium maintenance by helping to reduce waste in gravel, power filters, decoration and on interior aquarium surfaces. It rapidly reduces organic waste from overfeeding, fish waste and other decaying material such as plant leaves. Nutrafin Plant Gro Iron Enriched ( /dp/B0026C77XI )Nutrafin Plant Gro Iron Enriched ( /dp/B0026C77XI ) Nutrafin Plant Gro Iron Enriched -------------------------------- Nutrafin Plant Gro Aquatic Plant Essential Micro-Nutrients supports strong plant growth and conditioning by providing a complete chelated micro nutrient formula (except boron). ( /dp/B0002DI2ZA ) Nutrafin Mini Master Test Kit ( /dp/B0002DI2ZA )Nutrafin Mini Master Test Kit ( /dp/B0002DI2ZA ) Nutrafin Mini Master Test Kit ----------------------------- Nutrafin Mini Master Test Kit contains 4 tests for freshwater aquariums. There's also a special quick reference guide and each test kit has its own instructions. Nutrafin Master Test Kit ( /dp/B0002568FO )Nutrafin Master Test Kit ( /dp/B0002568FO ) Nutrafin Master Test Kit ------------------------ The Nutrafin Master Test Kit is suitable for fresh and saltwater aquariums. It includes 10 test parameters to help make sure you are providing a proper living environment for your fish and plants including tests for: Phosphate, Calcium, Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonia, pH High Range, pH Low Range, Carbonate Hardness, General Hardness and Iron.

AquaClear Fish Tank Filter, Aquarium Filter for 10- to 30-Gallon Aquariums, 110v, A600A1