• TURNS RS232 SERIAL DEVICES INTO IP-ENABLED - The Global Caché IP2SL enables serial-controlled appliance into remote-controlled devices by connecting them to the internet via wired TCP/IP connectivity..
  • REMOTELY CONTROLS SERIAL DEVICES - You can monitor, and automate serial devices such as speakers and televisions with the IP2SL by connecting them thru the RS232 port at the back of the unit..
  • PROVIDES FAST CONNECTION - The IP2SL converter features one male DB9 connector that supports 1200 baud to a 115.2Kbaud data rate. It instantly connects a serial device to an Ethernet..
  • OFFERS SIMPLIFIED SETUP - It has an onboard web server for easy network discovery and configuration. Plus, it adheres to HTTP, DHCP, TCP standards. Simply download the iHelp Software at Global Caché..
  • INTEGRATES EASILY WITH PC, ANDROID, iOS CONTROL APPS - The IP2SL has published API that enables you to develop a driver and work with 3rd-party network-based control systems..
  • Imported from USA.
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Global Caché IP2SL iTach TCP/IP to Serial Converter - Connects RS232 Control Devices to a Wired Ethernet