• Set contains 1 x Zebra Clickart All Colors 36 Colors Set WYSS22-36C (WYSS22-12CST,WYSS22-12CDK, WYSS22-12CLT), 1 x Compact 5-color Sticky Notes..
  • [CLICKART] No cap, not dry, beautiful color. Knock-type water-based color pen. [Features] The pen tip does not dry even without a cap / even if it is overlaid with black, it will get wet cleanly..
  • [Design] Easy-to-use design for women of a wide range of age groups / Clip-less clipboard. [New Clickart Technology] New ink “Moist Keep Ink” that absorbs moisture in the air..
  • [Ink] Water-based : [36 color set ] Black, blue, light blue, green, light green, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, gray, brown, Blue Black, Smoky Blue, Blue Gray, Blue Green, Turquoise Blue, Green Black, Viridian, Light Brown, Red Orange, Red Black, Magenta, Dark Brown, Pale blue, aqua blue, leaf green, mint green, marigold, pale orange, peach pink, salmon pink, baby red, cherry pink, lavender, cocoa brown..
  • Compact 5-color Sticky Notes 100 Pieces, [Model Number] DearMINDjp-S1, [Color] orange, light green, pink, yellow, light blue, [Size] 3.3 × 2.2 x 0.1 inches..
  • Imported from USA.
Zebra Clickart : Newly formulated with ingredients that are hard to evaporate! So it won't dry even without a cap. ☆ Dissatisfaction with previous use of color pens 1: When you close the cap, the ink will accidentally get on your hand. 2: Opening and closing the cap is troublesome. 3: If you forget to close the cap, the nib will dry. These dissatisfactions are eliminated by the three main benefits of the Clickart: “No cap”, “Do not dry”, and “ Color clean”! ☆ The Clickart has 36 colors. In use, a rubber cap is attached to the tip for quality assurance. ☆ Moist keep ink Developed and adopted new ink that absorbs moisture in the air. As the humidity changes, moisture absorption and evaporation are repeated and kept in an appropriate state, so the pen tip does not dry. (*) * Our test: No fading under the temperature of 20 ℃ and humidity of 60% (52 weeks in pen storage state) Always store pen nib after use. ☆ Convenient knock type Since it is a knock type that can be used immediately, it is easy to change the pen. You can choose from a variety of 36 colors and enjoy writing.

Zebra Clickart Water-based Pen All Colors 36 Colors Set WYSS22-36C

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