• Installs in 15 minutes with hardware included. No soldering or wire cutting required..
  • Quickly gain 9-15 horsepower just by adding our chip to your machine..
  • Engineered with the finest full linear motion pass through components on the market..
  • Quicker acceleration (0-60 MPH time) and smoother idles..
  • For fuel injected models only. Will not work on carbureted engines..
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  • Imported from USA.
Step by step instructions will be included along with all necessary hardware to complete the installation. You don’t need to have any mechanic skills to complete the job. No soldering required. Takes no longer than 15 minutes to gain 9-15 true horsepower. All Gains achieved are measured at the wheels for True Representation of horsepower gains. Every atv/motorcycles have an Electronic Control Unit (ECU). This unit electronically manages and monitors your vehicle’s performance. The ECU is made to meet government regulations. In other words, your engine could perform much better and could be getting more power if the ECU is replaced. This replacement could easily cost drivers over $1500. Our performance chip will make the same adjustment without the high cost of replacing the complete ECU. Our chip simply wires into the factory harness of the IAT or MAF sensor and work with the sensor to provide a new signal to your vehicles computer, or ECU. The ECU then adjusts your air/fuel and timing advance curves to new performance settings. There is no risk of damage to the engine or electrical system since the modified sensor signal will always remain within the manufacturer’s recommended specifications. Frequently Asked Questions: Will this void my warranty? - Absolutely not, our chip will not void any warranties. If you have a very strict underwriter on your warranty you can undo the chip in less than 5 minutes with no traces with hardware included. You can even re-Install after your visit to the dealers. Will this work with aftermarket performance upgrades? - Yes, It will work with all aftermarket upgrades as well as factory upgrades Will this module fit my 2cyl, 4cyl, 6cyl or 8cyl? - The Top Auto Accessory Performance Chip will fit all engine sizes and types for this make of vehicle, providing they are fuel injected. Please double check to make sure your machine is fuel injected before purchasing.

Performance Speed Chip Racing Torque Horsepower Power ECU Module for CF-Moto CFORCE 400 CFORCE 500 600 800 Jetmax