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  • ✔️Our bitter apricot kernels are certified organic according to EU and NOP/USDA standards by BIOAGRICERT S.R.L. They are processed in a BRC certified facility. They don’t contain any pesticides or herbicides. USDA organic certified Natural Bitter Apricot Kernels are vegan, gluten-free, not pasteurized, and not sun-dried..
  • ✔️ They were professionally packaged in a resealable bag for easier access and storage, to keep quality and freshness. They should be kept in cool and dry conditions between 0 -10 CO..
  • ✔️ Our organic apricot kernels come from Turkey. Turkey is known to have one of the high-quality apricot kernels found in the world. Our bitter apricot kernels are specially and organically grown in Turkey..
  • ✔️ Amygdalin B17 is most notably found in bitter apricot seeds/kernels. The freshest, highest quality, and air-dried. They have not been cooked, so they retain their full nutritional value..
  • ✔️ You can eat the apricot seeds raw, but the bitterness is the nature of bitter apricot kernels, it has a numbing taste. You can also grind the organic apricot kernels and use it in salad dressings, or you can mix other nuts to disguise the taste..
  • Imported from USA.
✔These bitter Turkish Apricot Kernels (Seeds)are of premium quality bigger size kernels. ✔Our Natural Bitter ApricotKernels grow in a pesticide and herbicide-free wild environment. It has excellent air quality, enough sunlight and rainwater absorb the essence of nature, so the kernel size is more prominent than others; also, the apricot seeds are 100% organic certified bitter apricot kernels. ✔It is produced by breaking the hard shell of the kernel, which is called the apricot kernel, which comes out of apricot, can be consumed directly, or these kernels can be used by preparing the oil of apricot kernel. ✔The most natural source of vitamin B17 and amygdalin, bitter apricot seeds/kernels have the highest potency. Within the seeds, the vitamins, minerals, and proteins work synergistically to help ensure optimal health. Every seed contains 20 mg naturally occurring Vitamin B17. ✔Our bitter kernels are raw, and this reason ensures they retain their full nutritional potency. If the bitter apricot kernels are not 100% organic apricot seeds, you are not getting everything of these powerful apricot seeds.

Sareks Organic Raw Bitter Apricot Seeds (1LB) 16oz - Bigger Bitter Apricot Kernels - Exceedingly Bitter Raw Apricot Seeds - %100 USDA Certified, Non GMO- Turkey Grown

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