• ✅ PART NUMBER 9709707: The part is a high-quality exact replacement for part numbers WP9709707, AP6013808, 9709707, 115792, and PS11747035..
  • ✅ FOR WHIRLPOOL: Use this 5-pack to replace all 5 feet on your Whirlpool stand mixer or blender. Refer to your owner’s manual or reach out to us to confirm compatibility with your small appliance..
  • ✅ FIXES COMMON PROBLEMS: The feet keep a mixer or blender balanced and stable. When the feet become uneven or break off, your appliance might shake, slide, bounce, or rock during use..
  • ✅ 1-MINUTE FIX: Simply pull off the current feet and pop these new ones into place. It should only take a minute. No tools required..
  • ✅ HIGH-QUALITY PART: The feet have a broad base for added stability while you mix and blend. They might look different than the originals, but they still meet or exceed all original manufacturer specifications for compatibility and performance..
  • Imported from USA.
Is your mixer or blender shaking, sliding across the counter, bouncing, or rocking while in use? If so, you likely have several worn or missing feet. Replace all five feet at once with the 9709707 five-pack by PartsBroz. This high-quality exact equivalent part features a wider base for more stability and a durable construction. Plus, installation takes only a minute. Compatible brands and models include but are not limited to: Whirlpool: 5KSM160PSACL0, 5KSM160PSACS0, 5KSM160PSACZ0, 5KSM160PSAIC0, 5KSM160PSAMY0, 5KSM160PSAPK0, 5KSM160PSAPT0, 5KSM160PSATD0, 5KSM160PSAWH0, 5KSM160PSAWM0, 5KSM175PSBAP4, 5KSM175PSBBK4, 5KSM175PSBBY4, 5KSM175PSBCA4, 5KSM175PSBCB4, 5KSM175PSBCL4, 5KSM175PSBCP4, 5KSM175PSBCR4, 5KSM175PSBCZ4, 5KSM175PSBES4, 5KSM175PSBGA4, 5KSM175PSBGP4, 5KSM175PSBIC4, 5KSM175PSBLT4, 5KSM175PSBMS4, 5KSM175PSBMY4, 5KSM175PSBNK4, 5KSM175PSBPB4, 5KSM175PSBPT4, 5KSM175PSBRI4, 5KSM175PSBTG4, 5KSM175PSBUB4, 5KSM175PSBWH4, 5KSM175PSEAP4, 5KSM175PSEBK4, 5KSM175PSEBY4, 5KSM175PSECA4, 5KSM175PSECB4, 5KSM175PSECL4, 5KSM175PSECP4, 5KSM175PSECR4. Replaces Several Part Numbers: WP9709707, AP6013808, 9709707, 115792, PS11747035. Please reach out to us if you have a question about compatibility. Comment below in the customer questions and answer section, or send us a message on the PartsBroz storefront. We’re happy to help ensure you select the right part number for your appliance.

9709707 Foot (5-Pack) for Whirlpool Stand Mixers by PartsBroz - Replaces Part Numbers WP9709707, AP6013808, 115792, PS11747035