• PKM2 Hybrid seeds.
  • High Germination.
  • 3 to 4 feet Moringa pods.
  • Bulk yield of Moringa pods.
  • Suitable for Moringa leaf and seed production.
  • Imported from India.
Name: Moringa Seed Botanical Name: Moringa oleifera Other Names: Drumstick tree seeds, Shevga tree seed, Ben oil tree seeds, Benzolive tree seeds, Horseradish tree seeds, Murungai seed, Munagaa seed, Subhanjana seed, Sainjana seed, Sojne danta seed, Suragavo seed, Muringa seed, Sigru seed, Haritashaaka seed Plant Part: Seed Form: Whole Moringa seeds is also called as Drumstick seeds. The seeds are used for plantation. PKM2 is an hybrid variety that is widely used to cultivate Moringa pods. Pods from PKM2 Hybrid seeds tend to grow 3 to 4 feet long if properly managed. Yogi's Gift is determined to supply high quality seeds to help the farmers and home growers in establishing high yielding Moringa farm. We have been supplying PKM2 Moringa Seeds worldwide for cultivation purpose. Our seeds are known for its high germination and high yield.

PKM2 Hybrid Moringa Seeds - 100 Seeds-100% Authentic - High germination - 3 to 4 feet drumsticks -Tamilnadu Origin - Non…