• Organic Apple and Berry Softcorn Snacks: These organic soft puffed corn snacks are sprinkled with apple and berry, they melt easily in the mouth to encourage safe self-feeding. Suitable for children from 10 months of age.
  • Age-appropriate: These snacks are specially designed to support natural child progression, helping encourage palate and motor skill development so parents can naturally nurture happy little people.
  • Food Discovery: Our Baby Bellies range is for babies from 7+ months (Tasty Textures) and 10+ months (More to Explore).They're perfect for the early stages of a life-long food discovery journey.
  • Exploring First Foods: Our Baby Snacks introduce subtle new flavors and textures, with soft shapes that are perfect for your baby to hold in their tiny hands and begin developing their motor skills.
  • Natural and Certified Organic: We make the best possible foods we can for babies and toddlers, ensuring they are appropriate and safe for growing little bellies. Our snacks are all natural and Certified Organic.
  • Imported from USA.
Soft puffed corn snacks sprinkled with apple & berry that melt in the mouth to encourage self-feeding. Organic.

Baby Bellies Organic Softcorn Baby Snack, Apple & Berry, Pack of 7 Individual Snack Packs