• This is a manual lens Lensmeter with self-calibration function, accurate measurement results, high reliability, suitable for measuring 20-85mm diameter lenses..
  • [AC / DC:] Equipped with a power selection function, you can choose whether to use DC power or battery according to the actual use conditions, which can be fixed or mobile..
  • [Multi-joint adjustment:] The elevation angle of the machine is adjustable to meet the operating habits of the operator. The lens chuck and lens bearing table can be adjusted freely. Flexible design makes measurement operation more convenient and simple..
  • [Accurate measurement:] Astigmatism adjustment--Adiust the handwheel inhe direction of the astigmatismaxis to adjust the astigmatism; Diopter hand wheel, ± 20D, minimum scale 0.1, customer clear..
  • [Protective cover: ]Both the eyepiece and objective lens are equipped with protective covers. Please take out two black protective covers at the same time after starting up, and then perform calibration. After use, the dust cover is returned in time to prevent dust from entering and affecting the next use..
  • Imported from USA.
Huanyu Huanyu mainly provides instruments and tools. We provide voltage customized services, specific requirements can be contacted by email, we will respond promptly.After your order is confirmed, the product usually takes 7--13 business days to arrive to your hand. Features: 1. Can measure Sphere, Cylinder power, Cylinder axis, prism power and baseline direction. Can also mark the optical center of lens as well as axis and base direction of cylindrical lens. 2. Cardinal point can be adjusted by compensator. 3. Compliant with both AC and DC (2*#5 AA batteries).Note: batteries are NOT included 4. Clear graduation. High Accuracy. Easy operation. Excellent reliability. Technique Parameters : Model: NJC-4 Eyepiece Focusing: -5D ~ +5D Vertex Power Range: -20D~+20D(0.12D ) Cylindrical Axis: 0 -180° Step: 1° Prismatic Power: 5 diopters Step: 1 diopter Lens Diameter: 20- 85 mm Power Supply: DC 3 V; AC 220 V/ 110 V Friendly Reminder When purchase, please confirm the product is from our Huanyu Instrument, otherwise we can't ensure the quality and after-sale service.We will try our best to provide you the best product and service, welcome to buy our product.

Huanyu NJC-4 Manual Lensmeter ±20D External Reading Outer Reading AC/DC Lensometer Lens Meter Focimeter (AC 110V…