• PERFECT SIZE: You Will Receive A Package Of 2 Felt Hats Each Measures approximately 4.5" High x 10" wide x 14" long Inside Dimensions 5.75" Wide x 7" Long Fits Most Small Children Boys And Girls.
  • BLINKING TIARA: Each Hat Comes With A Blinking Tiara In Front, The Kids Will Be Thrilled When Wearing This Hat And Even More When The Tiara Is Flashing (Batters Included So You Don't Need To Shop For Batters).
  • HIGH-QUALITY: Use it over and over and the light will not stop blinking, this will become your favorite costume hat.
  • COMFORTABLE TO WEAR: The Bedwina Cow Hat Is Made Of Felt Martial And Comes With A String To Adjust On Your Neck.
  • PARTY'S: Find This Perfect For Dress-Up or Themed Birthday Parties, Halloween Costume accessory, Photo Boot Prop, And Much More.
  • Imported from USA.
With The Bedwina Cowgirl Hats The Girls Will Feel Like A Real Princess Especially With The Colorful Blinking Tiara Surprise Your Kids At Your Upcoming Princess Party, Dress Up Day At School Game Prize, Etc... PRODUCT DETAILS * Pack Of 2 * Measures 4.5" high x 10" wide x 14" long * Inside Dimensions 5.75" wide x 7" long * Color Pink * Blinking Tiara * Batteries Included * Neck Draw String * High Quality-& Comfortable These Tiara Blinking Hat Are high quality and offer the best value. Click "Add to Cart" to order It today!

Blinking Child Cowgirl Hat (Pack Of 2) Pink Princess Light Up Hat, With Blinking Tiara And Neck Draw String, Fits Most Small Girls, For Dress-Up Parties And Play Costume