• BIGGER REDDER TOMATOES result from our super nutrient tomato fertilizer which contains all major nutrients (nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous), secondary nutrients (calcium and magnesium), and well as organic micronutrients (iron, copper, boron, and zinc) plus north Atlantic sea kelp to aid in tomato plant growth and development.
  • ORGANIC AND ECO-FRIENDLY – this product is created with all organic ingredients and being powder based it saves on transport costs.
  • SUPER SOLUBLE - solubility in this formulation is better than 99% of the organics out there which aids in fast preparation and delivery.
  • WORKS ON ALL VEGETABLES – while this was formulated specially for tomato plants, this powerful vegetable fertilizer contains a ton of nutrients and biostimulants that will work excellent on all vegetables in your garden.
  • AMINO ACIDS (building blocks of life) and HUMIC ACID increase the water infiltration and water-holding capacity of the soil greatly improving the soil, increasing plant root growth and metabolism, enhancing seed germination, and helping plants deal with environmental stresses.
  • Imported from USA.
Welcome to the biggest, juiciest, sexiest tomatoes on the planet. Our premium organic tomato fertilizer was created in the labs of Dr. Growth and other esteemed colleagues with over 40 years of plant fertilizer experience with the single goal of creating big amazing beautiful red tomatoes. Enhanced with more nutrients and biostimulants than any other fertiliser product on the market (micronutrients + natural biostimulants + kelp), this tomato fertilizer also uniquely contains North Atlantic sea kelp, a natural biostimulant, that improves taste and quality. Also containers natural gibberelins for larger hardier produce. See guaranteed analysis and derived from ingredients in the images. NPK Value of 9, 1.5, 7. Directions For Use. When to apply: start at the first sign of actively growing plants. For optimal results feed your plants every second watering. During very hot or very dry conditions, moisten the soil before fertilizing. Use throughout the growth stage and fruiting stage on transplants as well as emerging seedlings and perennials. Mixing Rates (in water): For Potted Plants (indoor/outdoor): Mix 1 scoop (1 scoop is equal to 15 grams or 1 tablespoon) per 5 L (1.25 gallons). For Outdoor Garden Plants: Mix 2 scoops (2 scoops is equal to 30 grams or 2 tablespoons) per 5 L (1.25 gallons). BIG ASS GUARANTEE: If you are not satisfied with the results of Big Ass Tomatoes, you may return the product for a full refund.

Ludicrous Nutrients Big Ass Tomatoes Premium Gardening Fertilizer Nutrients Indoor or Outdoor Works with All Vegetables, Plants (1.5 lbs)

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